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From AFRIC SPORTS we look for to give sense to a concept of soccer with which all we enjoy and that way of understanding that concept comes largely from FUTSAL.


Why futsal can help you become a better soccer player?

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Playing futsal since childhood:

  • Improves thinking speed. 
  • Improves play reading.
  • Improve decision making in a fast and efficient way.
  • Improves individual technique.
  • Improves gestural speed in tight spaces.
  • Improvement especially the finalization and kick to goal.
  • It improves to the porteros its quality of pass with the feet.


1. Concepts of work

The keys to a good team work are in a concept of working together and on all aspects of the game.


The pressure that is exerted on all the opposing players must be intense and with precision since on it depends the prompt recovery of the ball.

But this pressure is based on the placement and disposition of the players on the turf, which should be as high as possible by counting with the attackers themselves.

Therefore all players starting with the forwards are key in the defensive and pressure system.


The defensive pressure allows us to quickly recover the ball and maintain through long possessions the control of the match. That does not mean slowness of movements and ball, on the contrary, since the speed of circulation of the ball and the unmarking without ball are necessary in the development of the game.

Diagonals, Parallel, Close support always offering a pass line, are basic in the aspects of the game of Futsal and therefore in the collective game of the concept of football that we are looking for.

The triangulations are basic to get the correct pressure outputs and are also basic to create superiority in the different spaces of the pitch, always with fast ball and support movements, with the required “pass line” as a reference to achieve this objective.


Close to the area is where talent manifests most. In Futsal, you are close to the area on many occasions because of the size of the field, while in Football, teams that have more talent, want possession of the ball to get close to the area with the controlled ball and make a difference.

And the differences are marked by players with technical quality and finishing that allows them to achieve the goal of this sport, “mark”.

Therefore the technique on the controls of the ball, the feints and attacks and the speed of movements in small spaces are the ones that will allow us to obtain that difference on our rival.

TECHNOLOGY is the key to achieving this. The work on the players at technical level will allow us to get that second half of speed that is the difference between a good player and a TOP player.


2. Technical and tactical application

Our work in AFRIC SPORTS is to contribute our knowledge and experience in Futsal applying them to Football.

We assign our time to the different categories of the schools interested in our project. Logically the sooner you start better concepts and minor defects will have future footballers.

We do not want to be a substitute for the football coach, if not a complement to the planning of each school during the season. The work must be joint since the knowledge of the coach on the players, must be important to transmit the real needs to us.

Thus AFRIC SPORTS will focus on them and will work on the technical improvements that will lead us to the final goal. Of course and as we have said, always together with the coach of the team, we will work on movements and tactical aspects defensive, attack and possession that allow to develop a collective game of success and fun.


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